Book: Herschel Walker Has Multiple Personalities

Chip Towers of the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports that “University of Georgia football legend Herschel Walker will detail in an upcoming book that he has a multiple personality disorder.”

Herschel Walker Biking

Simon & Schuster, the book’s publisher, notes “Breaking Free” details Walker’s life dealing with the disorder.

There’s been no comment from Walker on the claim, but friends (among them former Georgia coach Vince Dooley) contacted by the AJC were in complete shock that he had suffered from the affliction for all these years.

Dooley: “That’s all news to me. All I know is whatever personality he had when he had the football was the one I liked.

Frank Ros, a Coca-Cola executive who played linebacker and was captain of Georgia’s 1980 national championship team: “I’m probably one of his closest friends and that’s news to me. I knew he was working on a book but I just thought it was about football. He does 100 things at once and always has projects going on but that blows me away.

Both Ros and Dooley said they never saw Walker act strangely and, in fact, thought him to be very consistent in his behavior.

Towers notes that, “Multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder (DID), as it is more commonly referred to today, is a rare mental condition in which one person has two or more distinct personalities.

The personalities may or may not be aware of each other and a particular personality may not have access to all of the individual’s memories. The switch from one personality to another can be very disorienting and the active personality may have memory lapses or feel that he or she has lost track of time. Persons suffering from this disorder may refer to themselves in the plural or in the third person.”

From that description of the disorder, you wonder how Walker could’ve played in the ultra-structured environment of college and pro football without the condition being an issue.

Side note: We attended the University of Georgia and interviewed Walker several times. We only saw two sides of him: Bad and Ass.