Bon Jovi Kicks Man City Out of UEFA Home Match

Just when the Euro 2008 had finally finished, another European soccer tournament is getting ready to kick off - the UEFA Cup (not to be confused with the UEFA Champions League, we think). And Manchester City (not to be confused with Manchester United) gets an interesting first-round draw.

Manchester City soccer Jon Bon Jovi

The English club will travel to the Faeroe Islands, a Denmark-owned archipelago in the North Atlantic, to face local club Streymur on July 17. However, Man City won’t be able to host their Faeroese foes in a return match on their own home turf - since Jon Bon Jovi tore it up.


City of Manchester Stadium - which could fit the entire Faeroes population of around 48,000 people - is unavailable because the turf is being relaid after a Bon Jovi concert.

Darn kids and their rock & roll. So, the July 31 rematch will be held at Barnsley’s Oakwell Stadium instead.

Maybe Oasis can exact a little revenge for their favorite team by holding an impromptu concert at the Wachovia Center in the next few days - and tear up the indoor turf before Bon Jovi’s Philadelphia Soul faces the New York Dragons on Saturday in Arena Football playoff action.