Blogz: Lisa Guerrero Goes After Pouty Pats Fans

• THE SCORES REPORT tells us Lisa Guerrero’s blog is off to a fiery start, as she devotes her most recent column to ripping bandwagon Pats fans.

Lisa Guerreo Pats fans

• THE TENNIS TIMES serves up news that Ana Ivanovic may be dating some guy named Fernando Verdasco. Just don’t tell Dan Holzmann.

• THE SLANCH REPORT is not one to kiss and tell - especially when a pre-bout smooch sends one boxer to the canvas.

• WALKOFF WALK hungers at the possibilities of this year’s food bets between MLB mayors.

• THE WIZ OF ODDS learns that after a 77-20 shellacking at the hands of Rice, it’s not easy being the Mean Green of North Texas.

• UNCOACHED just doesn’t get this collection of kooky mascots.

• SEATOWN SPORTS congratulates Kenji Johjima for being named’s American League Least Valuable Player.

• DAN CIRUCCI needs your help selecting this year’s class for the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Nominees include Carl Lewis, Shaquille O’Neal and Joe Theisman.