Blogger Rick Majerus Is Very Proud Of His Brand New Scanner

*BLOGGER* RICK MAJERUS HAS SOME MAD SCANNING SKILLS: You know blogging is really the place to be when Rick Majerus gets in on the act. The big guy has been hired by the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL to *blog*, and here’s his first entry:

Rick Majerus Bracket Hot Dog

(ok, I added the pic)

It’s no surprise the J-S paid Rick big bucks to provide insightful analysis like this on the NCAA Tournament’s West Regional: “If Kansas loses in the first round this year, there should be an investigation. The Southern Illinois-Kansas matchup in the Sweet 16 will play out as a classic offense vs. defense, David & Goliath struggle.

Offense vs. defense“? “David & Goliath“? Gold!

And it’s clear Majerus isn’t afraid to take risks, like this blog entry that employs suspension of disbelief: “Aaron Gray is a ‘Net Player’ - vertically challenged. If I were going to pick someone for my daughter to marry it would be him, but I doubt the Pitt Panthers can climb on his back in this tournament.

Rick Majerus Ball Sack

Since our buddy Rick is now fully committed to entertaining us online, here’s hoping we’ll get to see more candid internet photos like the one above, which shows he’s just a regular guy who isn’t afraid to hang out with the boys.