Biggest Draft Bust Ever Ryan Leaf Gets Busted

Life can’t be easy for Ryan Leaf, known throughout the urban literates as the “biggest flop in NFL history”, a man who almost single-handedly destroyed a franchise because they had the bad fortune of getting the 2nd pick in the draft. So it’s nice to see that Leaf has landed on his feet and avoided any more controversy of any kind. Just kidding, he was busted for drugs.

Ryan Leaf Starting Lineup

Well, officially it’s a “leave of absence”. Leaf, who is taking advantage of his not-so-great quarterbacking experience while in his 3rd year as QB coach for the West Texas A&M team, made the mistake of asking a player on the team for some pain-killing drugs. Apparently, the team’s full of NARCs!

More from ESPN:

A person briefed on the situation said that Leaf acknowledged he had asked a player for a pill to help him deal with pain in his wrist dating to his NFL playing days.

Seems like a reasonable request, but one that could probably be delivered by someone with a medical degree instead of, say, a greasy pizza-faced undergrad. However, the strangest part of the story might be this:

Leaf also is the men’s golf coach at the school.

This school just doesn’t want to win any sport, do they? And hey, just for fun, here are the overall stats for Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning, the man drafted before him way back in1998:

LEAF: 48.4 completion percentage, 3666 yards, 14 TDs, 36 Interceptions
MANNING: 64.1 completion percentage, 43,634 yards, 318 TDs, 162 Interceptions

Maybe the Chargers weren’t so wrong after all. Look at all of those extra interceptions Manning has thrown!