Big Boobs Shock Maria Sharapova At Wimbledon Party

SHARAPOVA SHOCKED AT MAMMARIES SHE WON’T FORGET: At a posh pre-Wimbledon event, Maria Sharapova was agog at the double aces of a well-endowed party guest:

Maria Sharapova Boobs

The No. 2 female tennis player in the world was approached by “a lady with the most gigantic breasts,” and the whole time Maria “couldn’t keep her eyes off them.”

Maria Sharapova camera

But eventually, Sharapova got over the initial big breast bewilderment, and was soon giggling with her friends, trying to get them to take a pic of the busty tennis buff.

Sharapova was reportedly saying that she couldn’t believe anyone would wear such a revealing outfit.

Maria Sharapova calendar

Us either.