Berman Has Propensity To Reference Certain Deity

It’s official, DEADSPIN has the video find of the century:

Chris Berman explodes on-set at ESPN

Chris Berman explodes at the production staff during an on-air break (in their defense, they were obviously a little over excited in working with the best the biz has to offer). Apparently the video was recorded in 1999. The audio alone would be worth more than a Vladimir Putin judo lesson.

For those of you with no audio, the transcript of Berman’s 81-second rant is after the jump.

Start Berman video transcript.

When I’m doing TV and I’ve got 18 … goddamnit. Can’t everybody stop for 10 minutes?! I mean everyboy seems (waving arms) … that’s the only … everybody can we … Jesus Christ!

I mean it’s not that much to ask. Is that when everybody has to move, when I’m trying to concentrate … Jesus!

I mean that’s so rude, I can’t believe that’s … that’s so goddamned rude. Why does everyone all of sudden have to move?

You have two f—ing hours to move around. Wait ten minutes. Jesus. I’m sorry to explode like that but no one here’s every worked on TV before?

Non-stop head shaking begins …


Ducking under the camera, what the f— do they think I’m doing? I really, I can’t believe what I just saw.

It’s like no one here has worked on TV before. … And there were seven people, I mean … Jesus!

We need to use the studio for 15 f—ing minutes!”

End Berman video transcript.

For the record, in 81 seconds Berman said “JESUS!” five times, the f-word three times and g-d a paltry twice. Dana Jacobson would be proud.