Barkley’s 1st Post-DUI Interview: “I Like To Drink”

It’s been a very good week for Charles Barkley. In the past three days, he’s gotten his TNT gig back and was confirmed as the subject of an upcoming golf-based reality show. Despite that news, we still haven’t heard from Barkley on the record since his embarrassing DUI episode in Phoenix last month, until today.

Charles Barkley Blowjob

(None of it is true! That is, except the DUI and oral sex part)

Barkley guested on Dan Le Batard’s WAXY-AM show this afternoon, and disputed some of the previously reported details of his arrest. Also updated was his current policy on public consumption of adult libations.

Barkley to Le Batard on losing his endorsement deal from T-Mobile: “I get bothered when we sell alcohol at sporting events and then when somebody gets a DUI we act like he’s the worst scumbag in the world. That was the thing that disturbed me the most (about losing endorsements).

Wait, what? What does that have to do with what Barkley did? He drank at a bar in Phoenix and then made the decision to drive drunk. What’s the connection there? Am I missing something?

Le Batard to Barkley: “Do you have a drinking problem?

Barkley: “No … I like to drink, I’m going to continue to drink. Hopefully none of this will ever happen again.

OK, I can’t blame Barkley for being a little defensive about the DUI, since everyone drinks and drives and getting popped by the cops is a little akin to losing the lottery. But you would think his responses would have at least a hint of remorse.

Wait, I’m sorry. I forgot who were were talking about. Carry on.

The biggest disappointment though of the interview was Barkley striking down reports that the evening of the DUI, he partied with Urkel. And upon his arrest was found to be in possession of bear claws and wine coolers.

Barkley: “There was no wine coolers and bear claws in my truck. I don’t even know the thing where Urkel came from? None of it’s true.

Smart move by Barkley, even if he’s lying. Those details are really the only reason for any of us to remember the incident. But thanks to the now-stunning revelation, Chuck’s future Krispy Kreme endorsement deal isĀ  pretty much out the window.