Barkley Gets ‘Burgundy’d’ By TNT Teleprompter

Submitted for your approval: mild-mannered basketball talking person Charles Barkley must get through the intro for a segment on TNT’s basketball coverage. Meanwhile, the impish Ernie Johnson tests the theory that Barkley read anything you put on that screen. Let’s look at the final result, found via FOUL BALLS:

Aw man, that’s some good levity. Although it seems that newscasters are finally warming up to that quaint little movie called “Anchorman” lately. Could be just me, but I’ve seen a lot of Ron Burgundy references on the airwaves lately.

Trey Wingo dropped a line during a discussion on “NFL Live” earlier this week, mediating a heated debate on ESPN (is there any other kind?) with the line “Agree to disagree,” attributing it to Mr. Burgundy. Maybe it’s because there’s talk of a sequel (shudder), but it just might be time to retire the on-air Anchorman lines. We already did the same on the sportsblogohedron sometime last year after our patience was tried just enough.

How about some nice “Napoleon Dynamite” on-air lingo? Or some topical “Simpsons” quotes? That Kent Brockman sure said some zany things back in 1995!