Backstabbed By Steinbrenner Yankee Coach Moves On To Toronto

NEW BLUE JAYS HIT COACH YANKS KNIFE OUT OF BACK: Gary Denbo is back in the MLB fold. After being stabbed in the back by Steinbrenner after the 2001 World Series, Denbo was hired on as hitting coach of the Toronto Blue Jays this week.

Gary Denbo

Why are we posting this? Well Denbo was the man most instrumental for the hitting success of Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada (we were there at the time as a minor league broadcaster). He went from level to level with both in the minor leagues and eventually ascended to the big leagues with them.

But after one season in the major leagues (2001), a year which saw the Yankees lose the World Series in the bottom of the ninth on a stray pop-up in the Arizona desert, Denbo was made a scapegoat by the corpse still regrettably at the helm of the Yankees.

It was an insane decision by an irrational man to jettison a person who meant so much to Jeter, Posada and the organization at large for such a long time.

Steinbrenner Torre

Sound familiar?