Aussie Open Announcer’s Profound A** Admiration

The MELBOURNE HERALD-SUN reports from the Australian Open that “comments by tennis commentator Roger Rasheed about Venus Williams’ behind have prompted a number of complaints.” Rasheed, a former pro tennis coach, recently “had a slow motion replay of Williams’ bottom during her match against China’s Yan Zi.

Venus Williams Booty Australian Open

Rasheed, while flanked by analyst Tracy Austin in the broadcast booth, said “Take a look at this now. Make or think as you will, ladies, but for me, that’s a pretty good sight. Rasheed then held out his open hands wide apart with a grin, and Austin reacted uproariously.

Despite the predictable criticism from prudish viewers, tournament broadcaster Channel 7 said it would not discipline Rasheed (wonder if they consulted Tiger Woods first). The only problem we have with Rasheed’s comments were that they were directed at the wrong Williams sister.

We give you, Serena (from her younger, happier, pre-Tastykake days).

Serena Williams Booty

For the record, Serena had no problem with Rasheed observing her sister’s south of the border bump: “Venus definitely has a great posterior. I’m sure it looked nice.