ATTN Deadspin: Sean Salisbury Does Not Approve

DEADSPIN made official what we all surmised the minute Editor Will Leitch made it known he was moving to NEW YORK magazine: A.J. Daulerio will take over pointy hat duties at the front of the Gawker-launched vessel beginning Monday.

Daulerio Salisbury

(The “Brand”: Canned by Bristol and now this?’)

Daulerio, an Editor of former Gawker gambling site “Oddjack,” had been a part time contributor to the site until a few months ago, when he was named a Senior Writer for the site. He’d previously been freelancing for Philly publications. (and some of our favorite, orphaned sweat sock-accompanied publications.)

Rick Chandler stays on as Associate Editor and Clay Travis of has also been added as a fulltimer, with the same title as Chandler.

Daulerio reminds of Zach Thomas. Hustler with great instincts. Always seems to be in the right place doing the wrong things, which is why I love his stuff. And why Sean Salisbury and Stu Scott hate him.

Chandler can turn a phrase with the best - this is still my favorite sports blog hed of all time. I’m not too familiar with Travis, but based on Leitch’s (he made the call?) past staff choices, safe to say the guy has the goods.

And goodness knows we’ll miss Leitch. Hopefully he’ll make good on his recent promise to drop in with some well-placed posts on occasion as long as they don’t include wistful references to Ken Reitz.