Life Imitates Art: Tiger, Judge Smails Throw Clubs

My favorite scene in Caddyshack is when Ted Knight as Judge Smails throws his putter 500 feet after losing a bet to Rodney Dangerfield’s consonant-challenged Al Czervik. The club ends up buried in some old lady’s cranium, who Smails assures, “it slipped.”

Judge Smails Loses It, Throws Putter in Caddyshack

(”It slipped!”)

Last Saturday at the Australian Masters, a scenario played out that was very, very similar. After botching a drive, Tiger Woods clearly whipped his driver into the crowd in disgust.

Tiger Woods Throws His Club At The Australian Masters

 (”It slipped!”)

Woods’ club missed a woman and a child by less than six feet and narrowly missed the heads of several men whose faces had previously been painted with ear-to-ear smiles before seeing a large titanium driver with a Nike logo on it speeding directly towards them.

The whole thing has basically been completely uncovered by the main American media. If the tantrum had happened here, you can bet that wouldn’t be the case. At least I’d like to think that. But since we do have the video, why hasn’t there been more coverage and comment about this? Here’s one stunningly hilarious take by Mike Walker of

Video of Tiger’s toss after the jump.

Oh…sorry. Wrong video. Tiger below.

So why does Tiger get a pass on something as egregious as willingly whipping a driver into a crowd?

I think we all know the answer. Some people don’t have play by society’s rules.