Arreola a Punching Bag As Rose Deployed Airbags

Only notables from the Vladimir Klitschko-Chris Arreola fight here in L.A. last night:

A (very) sad sack Arreola cried in the ring after a bloody beatdown from Klitschko.

Pete Rose's Asian Companion

(Pondering if she double-swiped his card on purpose)

While a ringside Pete Rose was to be commended for his decision to double-bag, which brought out the best of the Twitterazzi. Rose’s “unidentified companion” elicited this reax:

While Twitter also produced poignant concern for Pete’s disconcerting lack of lettuce.

Twitterazzi notes Pete Rose Hair Disaster

Now why would anyone criticize Rose’s appearance when he had such a beautiful (unidentified) woman as his ringside companion?

What, is there something I’m missing here?