Arizona Prison Calls Time Out For NFC Title Game

Let’s face it, there’s never been a better time to be incarcerated. With a nasty recession outside, the prospect of centralized heating and air, three meals a day and at least an hour for physical activity isn’t the worst set up in the world. Plus, think of all the crafts you can do! Well, now there’s yet another reason to consider crime as a serious life choice, at least in Arizona. According to this report in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, spotted by the eagle-eye of SbB’s own NFC Championship Correspondent Tuffy, celebrity sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to waive his strict TV regulations to show all of Maricopa County’s 10,000 inmates Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

joe arpaio
(Six months with this lunatic and you have to watch the NFC Title Game.)

Arpaio is known for his tough stance on prison conditions, but it’s hard to find anything too harline in buckling to Arizona football fever, which truly was an oxymoron until two weeks ago. While gaining notoriety for making inmates wear pink underwear, forcing some to live in a Tent City and webcasts of the arrest of pre-trial detainees. Think Cops shown live on the web, on steroids. Iceland, for one, has refused to return criminals to Maricopa County because of the prison’s conditions, instead deciding to grant asylum.

That’s precisely why his stunning flexibility on TV schedules is a bit of a shock. He’s gone from forcing prisoners to live in outdoor tents during 110-degree heat waves to caving on showing a football game.

And just in case you thought Arpaio was only attacking hard line criminals, there actually is a top-shelf jailbird who’ll be watching the NFC Championship Game from his Maricopa County digs: Rapper DMX is serving time for drug possession, theft and cruelty to animals, all while wearing pretty pink underwear. No word on whether he’s a Cardinals or Eagles fan, but he’ll get the chance to make up his mind Sunday afternoon, we’re sure.