Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald Hit With Paternity Suit By Ex-Raiders Cheerleader

DADDY! CARDINALS’ FITZGERALD RECEIVES BABY NOTICE: An NFL receiver spent too much time in someone’s red zone, and now he might have to toss up child support:

Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals baby

TMZ delivers the news that Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals is being hit with a paternity suit filed by a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader.

Angela Nazario says that her baby, due in January, is a result of a previous relationship with Fitzgerald. But the player wants a DNA test done after the birth before he shells out for the youngster.

A source close to Nazario claims that Fitzgerald told her to hide out in a small town, and even suggested she get an abortion.

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Fitzgerald reportedly was hoping not to suffer the same fate as his Cardinals teammate, saying, “I don’t need this all over the news like Matt Leinart.”