Arizona Basketball Coach Lute Olson Filing For Divorce

OLSON KEPT AWAY FROM ‘CATS BY MARRIAGE PROBLEMS: Now we know what ‘family issues’ have kept Lute Olson away from his team this season - marital issues:

Lute Christine Olson

The TUCSON CITIZEN reports the Arizona coach is trading the basketball court for the divorce court, as Olson has filed for a split from his wife Christine.Olson married the former Ms. Toretti in April 2003 in Las Vegas, two years after Lute’s first wife, Bobbi, succumbed to ovarian cancer.

A spokesman said Christine is scheduled to make a statement in New York Friday evening about the matter, while Lute has no immediate plans to comment.

University president Robert Shelton isn’t appearing to take sides on the split-up, saying, “They’re both good people and I wish them well.”