Apple Gets Free Advertising At Cowboys Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are a perfect sports analogy to Microsoft. They’re both led by supremely arrogant billionaires who have cornered the market on casual users of their respective products. To wit: nothing says “I know nothing about computers” quite like a guy running Windows Vista Home Edition, and nothing says “I know nothing about football” quite like a guy in, say, North Dakota sporting a Cowboys jersey.

Cowboys Stadium Oklahoma BYU FAIL

FAILlionaires* Bill Gates and Jerry Jones inadvertently teamed up Saturday to cause havoc at Cowboys Stadium, and it had nothing to do with Sam Bradford’s shoulder sending Oklahoma’s national championship hopes down in flames. Get your nerd flag out and ready to fly.

Yes, that picture above is the ribbon video board from Cowboys Stadium during the OU/BYU debacle on Saturday. From TUAW.COM:

Reader Jeff tells us that they had a breakdown on the scoreboard screens: first, the screens went blank, then displayed some odd ASCII gibberish, then announced to the assembled crowd that things weren’t going so well in Microsoft land. Jeff was there with his trusty iPhone to capture the moment for us, and we present it to you on this day when you’re not working, either.

Seriously? Who uses Microsoft to handle video editing, anyway? This football season can only get better from here on out, on and off the field. We’ve got more tales of technical woes from this first weekend of football action on the way tomorrow, including the sad story of our girl Samantha Steele’s first professional college football broadcast.

*FAIL, in this instance, is a relative term. We would trade all our blogging “success” for, like, 0.5% of either man’s “failure.”