Another Sad Day For The Guys Who Hate Bloggers

Last Friday, buried in the business section of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, we found out that longtime Tribune “basketball expertSam Smith was “among 25 veteran Chicago Tribune writers and editors to take voluntary buyouts.

Bob Costas Sam Smith

Mr. Smith, of course, is a dear friend on bloggers everywhere, and will be sorely missed. Sadly, we’ll now have to check Smith off the list of a seemingly growing number of dinosaur media types who have lashed out at folks like us over the past year.

The list includes:

Bob Costas
Tony Kornheiser
Bill Conlin
Dan Shaughnessy

Specifically, we haven’t gotten a chance to weigh in on Costas’ embarrassingly cliched comments last week.

We’re assuming he was directing his invectives at those of us who don’t blog for a newspaper or main media outlet like YAHOO, SPORTING NEWS or AOL FANHOUSE.

Unfortunately Costas, and perhaps some of our readers themselves, are unaware of the size of the readership of sites like SbB, DEADSPIN, PRO FOOTBALL TALK, WITH LEATHER and THE BIG LEAD. Most of us now do this as a full time job, and if we employed the methods that Costas described, would lose our readers, get sued and be out of business in about three weeks.

The greatest irony about Costas’ rant is that our most loyal readers are the main media of which he is a member. What is now clear about Costas is that he doesn’t read anything outside main media websites. Because if he did, like Dan Le Batard and Michael Wilbon, he would understand the value and service sites like ours have brought to sports. Off- and on-the field.

On the bright side, Costas is one of the last ten Americans who still gets excited when the newspaper hits the driveway.

UPDATE: Just before we published the above post, Deadspin had Costas *clarifying* his comments about bloggers.

One of Costas’ comments: “I still love to pick up a newspaper in the morning.”