Another Marinovich’s Future Goes Up In Smoke

We’re all aware of Todd Marinovich’s passion for pot, his jonesin’ for joints, his making tracks for marijuana. Well, the smoking apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as younger brother Mikhail also enjoys lighting up. But the mini-Marinovich would rather do it legally - and make a tidy profit from it.

Mikhail Marinovich hookah

THE WIZ OF ODDS reports that Mikhail has started a smoking lounge in Syracuse. The Orange DE (L) has teamed up with teammate Niko Rechul (R) to open up Hollywood Hookah, a place where central New York Staters can enjoy a puff or two from those tall bottles they swear aren’t just giant-sized bongs.

But Mik & Nik’s new establishment isn’t just some hokey hookah hole in the wall. It’s got quite the spread for Syracuse smokers:

The 2,000-square-foot establishment, located just north of the Carrier Dome, features leather couches, wireless Internet, 42-inch flat-screen TVs — including TVs in the bathrooms — and 32 flavors of Al Fakher Shisha tobacco.

That’s one flavor better than Baskin-Robbins. As the DAILY ORANGE follows up, some of the tobacco choices include banana split, vanilla coke, and what’s become the fan favorite - apple pie.

What makes Mikhail think his new smoke shop won’t go down in flames? Just like football, it’s all about practice, practice, practice. From the DO:

“Since I’ve been to so many, I know what to do, what not to do, what’s good hookah, what’s bad hookah,” he said. “And between being on the football team, practicing every day, and then handling school, a lot people think, ‘Oh, Mikhail, you don’t have time to go out and have fun.’ And then we took on this whole thing of opening a hookah lounge.”

And I’m sure his older brother helped teach him the proper smoking techniques.

Mikhail should do fine with his new business. Anyone who’s had to sit though this season of Syracuse football could use a good smoke. And don’t be surprised if the soon-to-be-job-seeking Greg Robinson applies for a server position.