Angeles Dodger High Priestess Jamie McCourt r…

Angeles Dodger High Priestess Jamie McCourt recently gave an interview to SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY - and unwittingly exposed the insufferable arrogance of the McCourt’s stewardship.
After McCourt told SBD that the new ownership group had not borrowed a single successful idea from another MLB team, she was asked by SBD: "So, there’s nothing specific that you’ve seen that works for other teams that you think is a good idea for the Dodgers?"
McCourt: "I don’t think that you can necessarily apply what works in one venue or marketplace to your situation. I mean, it really is amazing that things vary from big-market teams to small-market teams, from east coast to west coast, from a focus of where even your spring training facilities are.
"There are a lot of variables. So, I think if I had to say, ‘What are we adopting?’ there would not be anything specific to one team."
Memo to Jamie: All of baseball thinks you and Frank are a joke. Everyone in MLB ridicules you behind your back. You and your family have brought shame to the Dodger organization and Los Angeles. Please, and I mean PUH-LEEEZE sell the team immediately.