And So We Say Adieu, AVP Cuervo Girls … Adieu

I’ve attended several AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour events in my day, and so have come to appreciate the fine work of the Cuervo Girls. Not only does one have to have a body to fill out the uniform to be a Cuervo Girl, but a strong arm to reach the upper rows with promotional toys is also a must.

AVP Cuervo Girls

Sadly though, Jose Cuervo is no longer an AVP sponsor, and that means that the Cuervo Girls have been retired. It’s a curious turn of events, considering where the league is going with their main advertising campaign this year. ARE WE GOING TO STAND FOR THIS?!

Well, yes, we are. But we’re not very happy about it.

And Jon Barry also does not approve.

The league is replacing them with the Malibu Rum Girls, AVP’s new sponsor. This has angered many, including the folks at BUSTED COVERAGE, who consider the Rum Girls to be inferior spokesmodels. Besides, I’m sure that like me, BC is concerned about how the Cuervo Girls are going to pay their rent. Here’s a Rum Girl in action:

Malibu Rum Girl

From the press release:

As the official and exclusive spirits sponsor, Malibu will be integrated into the nationally televised AVP events that will air on NBC, Universal Sports or cable networks, through visible signage, lifestyle shots from the sponsor village and suite and other on-screen exposure. In addition, the sponsorship includes extensive on-site signage, a Malibu ‘Get Your Island On’ cabana in the sponsor village where guests (LDA+) can enjoy interactive games, contests, special promotions and sample delicious Malibu cocktails, a full hospitality suite and player “meet and greets.” Malibu is supporting the program with local advertising, on-premise bar night activity and retail display programming materials.

OK, “on-premise bar night activity” just got you Jon Barry back. But the rest of us are still a little peeved.

Professional beach volleyball, still the only sport to have an official theme song which is written by one of its athletes, this year has 18 major events, just 10 years after nearly filing for bankruptcy. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, the sport’s two-headed version of Tiger Woods, have more than $3 million in career earnings. Next stop on the Tour is the Ocean City Open in Ocean City, Maryland.

But lets us take one last look at the Cuervo Girls in action (click on the pics for larger versions):

Cuervo Girls

Cuervo Girls

Cuervo Girls

Cuervo Girls

Cuervo Girls

How can we leave these lovely ladies behind(s)?