Ana In Lickable Form - Ivanovic Gets Special Stamp

FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE serves up news that’s sure to tantalize tennis fans everywhere - Ana Ivanovic is now being offered in lickable form.

As a stamp.

Ana Ivanovic happy

(Ana is thrilled to hear of her acceptance by the Serbian postal service.)

The Serbian star of sexy serves is being honored by her home nation with the issue of a limited-edition stamp - and causing a dilemma with male letter senders as to which side to apply their tongues for moistening.

(Example of stamp after the jump.)

The recently-released postage was also apparently created in recognition of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (And with Ana as the main feature, we doubt they’ll be many protests.)

About 30,000 of the stamps have been produced, with each one costing the equivalent of about 78 cents. Serbian postal customers also have the option of purchasing envelopes emblazoned with the image of Ivanovic in action, as shown below:

Ana Ivanovic stamp and envelope

Don’t be surprised if requests for pen pals from Belgrade skyrocket.