Alt Lifestyle Airshow Or Danica Promo? You Decide

The good folks at our favorite lost luggage airline, Air Tran, thought they would do something really, really big after Danica Patrick won her first IndyCar race in Laos. Or was it Hokkaido? We still need to get that straight.

Air Tranica Danica Patrick Airplane

This week Air Tran honored her with what the airline calls, “commemorative aircraft livery.” In other words, they painted her on the side of an aircraft and dubbed it “Air Tranica.”

Air Tranica? Sounds like Dennis Rodman’s marketing agent might finally have some work after all.

This from Tad Hutcheson, vice president of sales and marketing for Air Tran: “Due to the overwhelming response we have received since we announced our plane to honor Danica’s
win with commemorative aircraft livery, we wanted to announce today’s flight information so people can see the plane.

The plane flies what we like to call the “overweight tourist triangle” route. That is, Pittsburgh to Atlanta to Orlando. Make sure to buy two seats each, folks!

Wonder what Air Tran has up its sleeve if she wins again. How about renaming Luggage Services at the Pensacola Airport “Damnica Depot”?