Faint-Rod: Yank Passed Out During Baby’s Birth

We’ve had concerns about A-Rod’s manliness (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but his wife gives us yet another reason to wonder.

A-Rod Slapping Balls Purse

Cynthia Rodriguez recently admitted, “As tough and big as he seems, he is real wimpy around doctors or any type of medical situation.” Why would she make such embarrassing accusations?

Could be because her hubby passed out during the birth of their first daughter.

During an interview for the YES Network, Cy-Rod explained the scene in the delivery room that day in 2004 when daughter Natasha was brought into the world:

“The one nurse had a cold cloth on his head. The other nurse had the blood pressure on his arm. And my mother was like rubbing his back. And he is passed out on a couch. And I am there, in the middle of labor.”

“And really, I am not being paid much attention to besides the doctor and a couple of nurses. And he is there moaning. In between pushing, I am going, ‘Honey, are you OK?’ and ‘Are you breathing? Are you OK?’”

Well, he is the one with the $200 million paycheck.

Luckily, A-Rod didn’t go through the same uneasy experience when his second daughter Ella was born last month - he arrived at the hospital 10 minutes after the birth.

Anyway, even more revealing in the interview than A-Rod’s queasiness is how the Yankees star was able to land Cynthia in the first place:

“I scouted her out for a month,” he said. “I wanted to see her routine, and I wanted to see what time she came in, see how consistent she was. And sure enough, she was like a machine. She would come in right after work and get on the treadmill and do her abs. And finally, I build enough courage after about 3½ weeks. And I said, ‘I know you are going to go do some abs after. And do you mind if I join you?’”

A plan that would make any stalker proud. But if she new he was going to end up being such a medical wimp, maybe Cynthia would have changed gyms.

The Rodriguez’s interviews are scheduled to be shown on YES on Wednesday.

A-Rod wife Fuck  You t-shirt

Hope Cynthia wore the right wardrobe for New York TV.