Alabama Couple Names New Born After Nick Saban Joining Brother Named Tyde

ALABAMA COUPLE NAMES NEW BORN AFTER NICK SABAN: The DECATUR (AL) DAILY reports today that a local couple, Tim and Hannah Witt, named their new-born son “Saban” after new Alabama Coach Nick Saban.

Nick Saban Baby

It’s not uncommon for parents in the South to name their children after famous sports figures, but in this case, the move seems a bit premature, considering Saban (that would be Nick) has yet to coach a game for Alabama.

Nick Saban Graffitti Wall

The father was asked what happens if “Saban” becomes an Auburn fan.

Dad’s response: “We’ll put him up for adoption.”

Drunk Fan Kissing Nick Saban

I guess it could be worse, Mom and Dad could’ve named their another child “Tyde”. Oh … wait.