Aftermath: What To Make Of Tiger Woods’ “Crash”

Here’s what we know about Tiger Woods‘ apparent car crash - set against other important events currently taking place in his life.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Was Tiger Woods Crash Related At All To Their Relationship?

The crash is reported to have happened at 2:30am ET. The Florida Highway Patrol did not release any info on the incident or Woods’ condition until 2pm ET, 11 1/2 hours later. By that time, Woods had already been released from the hospital in “good” condition.

Woods suffered the accident “pulling out of his driveway“. The airbags in his vehicle never deployed, so he was going under 33 mph. From the “crash” he reportedly suffered “facial lacerations”.

Woods is scheduled to make public appearances all next week at his personal golf tournament in the Los Angeles-area, the Tiger Woods Chevron Golf Challenge. His first public appearance at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA. is scheduled to take place Monday.

Earlier this week, before the accident, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke the story that Woods was cheating on his wife with 34-year-old Rachel Uchitel (photos).

When the initial bogus report from the ORLANDO SENTINEL broke that Woods had been “seriously injured” in a car accident today, everyone feared the worst.

Now that it turns out Woods is already out of the hospital and is “fine”, and we now know the FHP stonewalled the public on his “crash” late last night and his hospital stay, the public’s mood has changed considerably.

By public I mean those of you who think that the National Enquirer would’ve only published its story about Woods’ alleged affair if it was legally airtight.

Since the Enquirer story hit newsstands 48 hours ago, Woods’ has yet to acknowledge the story. An unnamed Woods’ attorney was quoted in the Enquirer piece making a “vehement” denial of the affair - but also an admission that Woods could’ve been in the same nightclub as Uchitel at some point.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Woods won’t acknowledge the story at some point. But it naturally leaves people to wonder if his “crash” was related at all to the alleged affair report. At least as it pertains to his relationship to his wife, Elin Nordegren.

I’m in no way saying the affair allegation and Woods’ “accident” last night are connected. But if you knew of the Enquirer story and then observed the way Woods’ “crash” report played out today, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think the two could possibly be somehow related.

Stay tuned, I’ve got more on the story that you haven’t seen coming later today.