Adam James Coach: ‘Lazy, selfish, not a D1 player’

Highly-touted University of Houston offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, who was the position coach for Adam James at Texas Tech the year James joined the team, had harsh words in an email to Tech university officials about the son of ESPN broadcaster Craig James.

Dana Holgerson slams Adam James

Holgorsen’s email also indicates an acute betrayal by Adam James of Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who Holgorsen alleged was the only Division I coach offering Adam a scholarship. A fact I have independently corroborated with a Texas high school football recruiting expert.

From Lubbock’s Fox 26:

Holgorsen worked for (Mike) Leach at Texas Tech for eight years, the last three as offensive coordinator. FOX 26 Sports has obtained a copy of the e-mail written by Holgorsen.

“I am writing this letter on behalf of Mike Leach in regards to the Adam James situation,” Holgorsen writes in his e-mail. “I was the inside receiver coach at Texas Tech when we made the decision (to) sign Adam James in January of 2007. Adam had no offers to play NCAA D1 football during and after his senior year. After a conversation between Coach Leach and Adam’s father Craig, Coach Leach acquired a brief highlight tape of Adam and made the decision to take him as a scholarship student athlete.

“I was opposed to doing so in (the) belief he was not a D1 football player,” Holgorsen writes in his e-mail. “Coach Leach overrode my opinion and Adam became a Red Raider. During the rest of my time at Texas Tech I was Adam’s position coach where I always remained critical of Adam’s ability to play at this level due to being lazy in not only the classroom but also in the offseason and during practice.

“Coach Leach was the one who kept saying he believed Adam would eventually contribute. Adam’s teammates believed he was selfish and were constantly getting on him for lack of effort as they sensed entitlement on his part due to his father being a very good football player. Adam eventually ended up playing a little after I left due to his body type being able to do some TE (tight end) sets which consists of around 5-10 plays a game.

“Adam should be thankful for the opportunity to play at Texas Tech and for Mike Leach, who gave him the opportunity,” Holgorsen writes. “In my opinion playing 5-10 plays a game in an outstanding offense is more than he would get at any other school in NCAA D1 football.”

Obviously Holgorsen is on Leach’s side in all of this, but he’s putting his reputation on the line against one of the most powerful college football media commentators in the biz in Craig James of ESPN.

This story is getting crazier by the moment.

UPDATE: And the hits keep on coming. This time from James’ current position coach, Lincoln Riley:

During the last two years of being the inside receivers coach, I have
had the chance to learn alot about Adam James.  He came to Tech
because of one person: Coach Leach.   Although we adamently doubted
his talent, we as coaches came to see that Adam actually had enough
talent to help us out.   The problem, though, is that Adam is
unusually lazy and entitled.  Many other players on this team,
specifically receivers, have a much larger role on this team with less
talent.  I have always been worried about Adam’s effect on my other
players because of his weak and conceited attitude.  I recently found
out that Adam deliberately undermined my authority on many occasions.
This is particularly disturbing because Coach Leach hired me to make
our receivers the best group in the country, and Adam has damaged this
group far more than I even realized.  He should be grateful forthe
opportunity that was given to him here that was not offered at any
other Division 1 football program.  He has an unvelievable sense of
entitlement because of who his father is; one that hurts himself and
people around him.  Adam is the kind of person that makes excuses or
blames people for things that go wrong in his life.
Furthermore, I don’t have children yet, but when I do I hope they are
coached by someone like Coach Leach.  I have learned so many great
things from him and am incredibly lucky to have him in my life.