AD: OSU Benefits ‘Isolated’; Ex-Buckeye Disagrees

Yesterday Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith announced that multiple Buckeye football players, including Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron and DeVier Posey, had been suspended for five games in 2011 for, in part, receiving extra benefits in the form of tattoos.

Antonio Pittman Tweet: Ohio State players getting tattoo hookups since 2001

During his remarks, Smith said of the situation:

“There are no other NCAA violations around this case. We’re very fortunate that we do not have a systemic problem in our program. This is isolated to these young men, and isolated to this particular instance.”

One former Buckeye football player though disagreed with that statement a few hours after Smith’s comments.

Following Smith’s press conference, ex-Ohio State player Antonio Pittman, who played for the Buckeyes from 2004-06, Tweeted:

This osu tattoo stuff is silly. Cats been gettin hookups on tatts since back in 01

After Pittman’s entry was retweeted by numerous followers, including media members, he deleted the Tweet.

If Pittman is telling the truth, apparently the practice of tattoo-related, extra benefits has been going on for nearly a decade in Columbus.

With prominent media members retweeting Pittman’s revelation, one wonders if the NCAA will follow up on the ex-Ohio State running back’s claim.

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