A Most Bizarre HS TD To Lighten Your Wednesday

So I’ve been looking for a game-ending football play to erase the unholy image of that Brett Favre pass against the 49ers, and this may be it. Poor, poor Otter Valley High Otters. Even when an opponent’s desperation game-ending field goal attempt fell short, they still managed to lose.

Mt. Mansfield celebrates

As you will see in the video below, Mt. Mansfield (Jericho, Vermont) came up with the 20-16 victory in most unlikely fashion, when an Otter Valley player caught a short field goal attempt, then thinking the game was over, spiked the ball. But that’s technically a fumble, and Mt. Mansfield’s Jeff Sutherland alertly picked it up and ran into the end zone for the win. Oh Lordy.

(Video after the jump.)

Mt. Mansfield’s 46-yard field goal attempt with 1.2 seconds remaining in the game had fail written all over it from the beginning: It traveled only 25 yards or so before being caught on about the 10 by Otter Valley’s Casey Babcock. In a move that will in no way be brought up at his 30-year high school reunion, Babcock ran a few steps before spiking the ball. But since the ball never broke the plane of the end zone, and never touched the ground before Babcock spiked it, it was still live.

The weirdness begins here at about the 1:20 mark:

“For it to be over, you have to knee it (the player did not go down on a knee when he dropped the ball),” Sutherland said to MAXPREPS.COM. “It was instinct, but also that mentality to play to the whistle.”

OK, that’ll be enough celebrating, Jericho, Vermont. Time for seven months of snow.


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