Rick Adelman’s Son Still Coaching After 2 DUIs?!

As if Rick Adelman doesn’t have enough headaches as he tries to keep his Houston Rockets in playoff contention after the season-ending injury to Tracy McGrady: The OREGONIAN reports that his son David, a basketball coach at Lincoln High in Portland, was arrested over the weekend and charged with a DUI - his second such arrest since 2005. The amazing part is that David Adelman is being allowed by the school to continue coaching through the end of the year.

David Adelman

Unfortunately, Rick Adelman has had to deal with more than one son getting in trouble with the law for drinking while driving: his eldest son R.J. Adelman took a leave of absence from his job as an assistant coach under his father in December 2007 after being arrested on a DUI charge. R.J. Adelman has since returned to the Rockets’ bench, making two Adelmans who were able to hold onto their jobs after DUI charges.

Contrast this with this high school basketball coach in Georgia who was placed on immediate personal leave after being arrested on a DUI charge, despite the fact that he was the team’s coach for 18 years. A cynic would suggest that it must be nice to be the son of a legendary former player and coach in the town where he had his greatest glory. And I am a cynic, so that’s exactly what I’m suggesting.

But Adelman apologized to his students and staff! Plus, the principal at the school wouldn’t want his players - whose team is in contention for a state playoff spot - to be punished because of his coach’s transgressions:

In an e-mail statement to The Oregonian this morning, Peyton Chapman, the Lincoln High School principal, said she takes the matter seriously and will continue to look into it. Meanwhile, she said, Adelman will remain as coach of the Cardinals for the final weeks of the season “to provide continuity for our players.”

“The team has worked extremely hard this year and should not be denied the quality of coaching they have received from Coach Adelman as they move into the playoffs,” she wrote.

Do you think that a player who was arrested for a DUI would receive the same leniency? After all, removing him from the team might disrupt the “continuity” of the team and deprive them of a chance at the playoffs. Nope, no double standard here.

As for the senior Adelman: this is not quite Andy Reid territory yet, but still…this can’t be anything but a continuing distraction.