12-Year-Old Girl Throws Perfect Game Vs. Boys

Next time someone tries to insult your manhood by telling you, “You throw like a girl!”, don’t take it too hard. Just remind them of Mackenzie Brown.

Mackenzie Brown

Mackenzie is a 12-year-old pitcher in the Bayonne (NJ) Little League. And she struck a huge blow for equal rights when she struck out 12 boys en route to throwing a perfect game on Tuesday. You go, girl!

As such, Mackenzie’s now the talk of the town - and the country!


This morning brought a trip to New York City to do a national Fox TV morning program where she threw pitches in their studio. Last night, the 12-year-old got to sit at home and watch ESPN show highlights of her pitching.

“It’s been pretty crazy,” she said. “In school I have all these teachers asking for my autograph. I wasn’t used to that.”

Hope the teachers aren’t doing it just for something to sell on eBay.

But the fun just keeps coming for Mackenzie. She’ll be throwing out the first pitch at Citi Field this Saturday when the Mets host the Nationals. Then afterwards, she’ll immediately be added to the Mets’ rotation.

Actually, facing the Nationals would be a step down in competition for Mackenzie.

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