10 Reasons Tiger Isn’t Coming Back At Accenture

Yesterday we got a shot-in-the-dark report from the MELBOURNE HERALD-SUN that Tiger Woods would be returning to golf at WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Tucson on Feb. 15.

Tiger Woods Accenture Airport Ad Still Not Taken Down

(Most - but not all - Tiger Accenture airport ads have given way to Elephants)

If the Aussie outlet had predicted The Masters, or even Bay Hill in Orlando, I could somehow swallow that. But based on the current circumstances involving Woods, The Accenture is the last event where he’d stage his comeback.

What follows is 10 reasons why Woods won’t return to golf at The Accenture.

1) Accenture was the first major Woods sponsor to completely drop the golfer.

2) If Woods is indeed at a sex rehab clinic, he’ll have no virtually no time to practice for the event. The Masters isn’t until April.

3) As noted by PGA Tour pro-turned-Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee to USA TODAY, at The Masters, Woods would be inside a bubble, away from the media hordes. At The Accenture, he’d be vulnerable to inevitable media circus.

4) Woods has said that 18-hole match play is golf’s most difficult competitive format. So why would he break his game back in under that circumstance?

5) Woods, who has played the Dove Mountain desert course that will host The Accenture a limited number of times, complained about the greens last year.

6) Woods made his comeback from knee surgery at The Accenture in 2009, and was unceremoniously bounced out of the tournament in the second round by Tim Clark.

7) Normal PGA Tour events span four days of competition. The Accenture features five days of play and players can log up 36 holes on each of the last two days. That for a player who has barely practiced with a chronic bad knee?

8) Golf reporter Gary Van Sickle, even before the Herald-Sun claim, reported for SI that Woods would not come back at The Accenture because, “he doesn’t care for desert golf. I could see him crossing the Match Play off his list permanently, or until Accenture reinstates him.”

9) Officials at The Accenture haven’t heard anything to suggest Woods will show up.

10) The nearest Perkins is 363 miles away in Bullhead City, Arizona:

Perkins is 363 Miles Away From Tiger Tournament - A No-Go!

That doesn’t even account for availability of notoriously pricey Bullhead office space.